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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:08 pm 
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Quilty, I admit. I was inspired to carry on TOD's Legacy everywhere....
These inserts are from the tales that I continued on, with Jerrid's son, Kiel.
If you read these, read them as Jerrid's dream of a yet to be born son.
This one is from a story called "Across the Heavens" It fits well in this forum if read as one of Jerrid's dream.


~ Dream ~

He could not just-
He could not just let it happen.

And when- how- why did it happen?
He was in control- right?

No, not really.
At least not in the sense that he wanted it to be.

People were all around him. He had purposely gone toward the crowd to feel like he was part of them. They were the children of Berkana, everyone of them, and he could feel her spirit in them all. Mortals most of them. The second children, still pure, wholly untouched. Then, there were others, almost like him. Bits of the first children's bloodline that were the caretakers, yet not enlightened. They were not connected as he was or would ever be connected as their bloodline had thinned much too mortal. Yet, they could easily be spotted by him, however scarse they were.

And then there was the beacon, the bright star in which he had turned away from; Bethany.
The further he moved away, the brighter she now burned in his heart.
Kiel suddenly came to a stop. He found himself somewhere in the western part of the colony, the new development. He was once more drawn to gaze at the mountain range.
But this time, there were no tasks for him to do. Lianna (the earth) simply watched him, sensing his every footstep.

It were no use. Bethany was right in front of his face. He could catch the sunlight highlighting the fine minute hairs on her face. The soft gentle curves of her cheeks, her lips, her voice.
The very breath she took and the fragrance of her essence. She was there, yet he had left her moments ago...
No, an hour? Were it two?... Felt like a lifetime ago.

Kiel took the few steps that allowed him to sit on the avenue's ornate oak bench. There were younglings...trees, which had been planted just a few seasons ago, that already were four times his height.
He took to sit under one of them.

'Are you lost?.. 'came her voice over to him.
Kiel suddenly looked up. For a moment he searched her eyes. No...No this was not Bethany.

'Have you lost your way?.. 'the little girl asked again.

Yes, Kiel was certainly lost. Lost real bad. But he smiled up at her, assuring her, that he was just in deep thought, that was all... and just decided to sit.
She lgave out a little laugh, then came to sit next to him.
Kiel could feel the purity in her spirit. She was a young daughter of the second children of Berkana.

'I got lost not too long ago here, you know.' She then said.

Oh? And did you find your way quickly? he asked her.

Her aura, her purity, was drawing his elemental self back. Yes, he were her caretaker, as he were to others here. he once more were in light. This light were the child's innocense which brought Kiel out of the darkness that was called despair, which had been slowly enveloping him. The darkness, the doubt, anxiety and confusion, he had felt were lifting like fog in the presence of light..her light.
Darkness gave into dawn.

'Hehehe' she giggled, 'I looked around and found I was already at home.'

Kiel laughed also. Yes yes, this could be home also.

"I'm happy that you did.
What is your name?"
he then asked.

'Lianna' She smiled at him.

"Lianna..." he repeated. "Yes. Yes of course. That is a very nice name."

'Yes.' she said.
"That is the name of this world too. I was born here." She gave him a great big smile.

Kiels heart felt so mended. No longer so empty and wanting. This child had filled it with her light. This was the reward, the feeling his kind received from being Caretakers. It fulfilled, lightened their heart, of which darkness sometimes emptied and weighed down.

'Well, I know you will be Ok, now. It is really hard to stay lost too long around here.' She then said as hopped up off the bench. I have to go to school now.

"Thank you, Lianna. It was a pleasure meeting you." He replied, as she started to wave and walk away.

'Goodbye, Kiel." She gave him another big heartfelt smile.

Lianna. How do you know my name?"
Kiel asked from where he sat.

Of course I know your name. You are my Guardian Angel, silly. '
She giggled, as she then ran off to school.

The child knew him by heart.
Kiels tears blurred his vision for a while as Lianna melded with the other children. He welcomed them in with all his heart. Yes, he was home. Lianna had been hinting at him all along. He, just had other things on his mind Bethany.
Yes, and Bethany was also part of this world now also. And like him, the earth Lianna, was trying to hint at her too, that this was her home.
Kiel had just not realized that he needed her as much as Lianna needed him and Bethany to make this world complete. The Circle needed to be complete.

Kiel remained there on the bench, himself again and something more.... Watching the people, Berkana's children go about their daily lives.


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:39 pm 
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Broken Covenant

In the realm of the beasts, it appeared to them that Ra (day) and Ti (night) had become angry and sent death hunter down upon them. But what hunter could have been summoned from the skies of darkness and light which only a beast could understand? They could not contemplate at all, anything more powerful than they, except for Ra, Ti and death.
For they were Sha, the mighty cats of the plains, the forests, and of the mountains.
Unchallenged since their creation, no creature struck fear in their hearts, and they roamed and hunted as they pleased throughout their domain...

The Sha had no adversary, lest equals outside their order, and certainly had plenty of prey.
But the past three winters had thinned the heard of elphanipes which Mother Earth had set in place for them, as part of the Circle of life, were being cut down to un-natural levels.
They were meant to sustain the cat's belly and that of cubs. But the herds of elphanipes being of plenty, the cats had somehow started to hunt them for sport, thus the herds were thinning. Berkana watched with the passing of Ra and Ti, as the Circle of Life started to unchain.
But this were not all.
The Sha through their broken covenant with Berkana, were now looking down on mankind from their hilltops. Man's children started to take form in their eyes as new sport and prey.
But this broken covenant came at a price, for Berkana had decreed mankind to be above all beasts, including Sha.
Berkana through Mother earth called upon her Caretaker to remind them of the covenant, that should never be broken.

Ra came to push Ti across the sky more than Sha could count (many days) and throughout this passing, the Sha had the foreboding sense that their numbers were dwindling. This was in the air, as it permeated their fallen dead, leading them to their carcasses. To Sha's understanding at first; other hunters of their kind had come into their territories. But no scent other then their own and those dead lingered in the air.
None had seen, nor could track these new hunters, for it was not yet to be revealed to them, till Sha reasoned on its own that it were more powerful than they.

Then came the day when Ra was high in the sky, that the Sha started to know the taste of fear, when the hunter of death were revealed.
To Sha, they waited in fear throughout the passing of Ti into Ra (night into day). But Ra's light gave them no comfort, as this hunter would strike them in full light this day.
Ra's fire burned bright above them, but Sha remained cowered this day like the elphanipes they once hunted.
Sha began to see visions under fear, that Ra and Ti's anger was upon them for breaking covenant with the order, and now they were the ones hunted by one greater than them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kiel had observed the mountain cats and the scant herd of elphanipes which they hunted for both sport and food for 3 days and nights.
He bore witness that the big cats had broken their covenant with mother earth and that of Berkana.
Most of the bigger cats now hunted for sport during the early morning when it was cooler and the elphanipe herds were moving to and from their water sources. These cats had no fear at all that they went against the covenant, and the younger cats were becoming influenced too, to hunt as such...

Kiel understood what Mother earth needed of him do. For without action, soon they would take Berkana's children for sport also.

What then followed, were five days/nights of surgical strikes on the pack. This put the big cats on territorial alert at first, for surely it must be another pack coming into their territories. They roamed now across their borders, but at first without fear, for they had yet been matched.
This started to turn by the second day, as more of their fallen lay open on the earth.
The third day all cats knew fear, for more had been slain. But fear of the unknown hand which Ra and Ti had brought down upon them, for there were no other cats or packs that were cutting them down. Surely it was the hunter death that had come for them all.

Then the 4th and 5th day passed.
The 6th day was different. This day would be the day they would know who Ra and Ti had brought down to hunt them.

But Kiel was only hunting those whom had broken the covenant with the earth. This day there were only two of those cats left, which had gone astray. This day the pack would be allowed to see the bringer of death from Ra and Ti.
And this hand of death had the shape of man.

* * *

They watched from the tall grass. They watched from the top of the hill.
Kiel rose from the massive body of the last cat he had taken down. No blood was on his hands, as he had severed the neck of the last. The two cats had traveled side by side this day. They were the boldest of the pack. And they were the last of the sport hunters to forsake Berkana.
The rest of the pack had watched from afar, as this day Kiel had allowed his scent to be known to them. It were of mankind.
And this day, as Ra burned above them, the mountain cats no longer hunted for sport.
Those that bore witness to Ra and Ti's wrath through man, renewed their covenant and something more...
They now had the fear of man, forevermore.

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