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SW: Planet Othala, 3 years before the Battle of Yavvin
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<i>This glossary naturally is NOT complete. I only call it so for it shall be completed. Please post your finds below and I will incorporate them to the alphabetical list.

Category glossaries (people, places, food & beverages) will follow.</i>

<span>Alphabethical Glossary of Othalan terms</span>

Aihws –- horse like riding animal with strong horn plates over the
Ard Tiarna -- "march lord" ~ noble in charge of the marches (Queribus title)
Benware -- translated 'mountain spring' a jestful battle cry among adolescent Queribus knights meaning they shall come upon the foe vigorous, surprising and unstoppable like the highland spring, the young year, fights down the oppressing winter.
Berkana –- mother goddess of the land
Borz –- Stout and shaggy animal of the mountain forest. Its coat is a grizzled grey to brown with a silver stripe from upturned snout to shoulder. The tail is short, bushy and brownish; the cheeks silver with dark patches; the ears small and the feet dark with large foreclaws. Weight 10-25kilo. (similar to badger)
Count -- principal figure of the county. (Albigan title)
Drew –- force-adept, following the path of the oak, sub-category of the Magh'an
Dryocopou – bird, great green, wood pecking bird of old forests.
Duke -- military title that might roughly translate to "field marshal".
Dulla –- Huge stout and shaggy animal of the mountains. Concave face, short, rounded ears, high-humped shoulders, and long, curved claws. Its thick, shaggy fur varies from copper brown to nearly black. Weight 80-150kilo. (similar to grizzly)
Earl --leader of the midelands
Esgalfenn – bird, small brownish songbird comparable to the Corellian lark. Prefering grassland over forested areas its remarkable song can be heard from afar as it uses to sing during flight while holding its position high above the fields.
Feoh –- Othalan currency an uruz is about worth 10 feoh
Fritana -- insect, fearsome critter of the Causse (similar to praying mantis)
Grapou –- toad
Hibou – bird, length ~. 70cm, weight ~ 4kg, wingspread ~ 120cm, night hunting, take prey (beetles to roe deer fawns) on the ground or in full flight, hunt in forests, but prefer open spaces.
Ior –- wolfbeast
Jira –- Ovkhan term of greeting, farewell and well.. success.
Karvaly -- small othalan bird of prey, similar to the sparrow hawk
Kolk –- big raven like bird
Magh'an -- general term for force-users, including force-adepts, jedi and sith
Marigoule –- tree-fruit, brown peel, white starchy flesh. Similar to chestnuts.
Marquis -- "march lord" ~ noble in charge of the marches (Albigan title)
Peordh'an -- force-apt
Raven –- secret agent
Reeve, shire reeve -- A reeve is an important appointed official, "shire reeve" ~ "sheriff".
Sarai – swan (Teshwan)
Seidkona –- force-witch, practising sex magic, sub-category of the Magh'an
Tiarna -- principal figure of the county. (Queribus title)
Uruz –- cattle
Zichoria –- hot beverage of the roasted Zichoria root

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