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Lord Albigan
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AC 1024 Midlands - Political situation

All Midland’ houses
Date: Anno Cadaris 1024, Rayda

After seven years of absence Wallace McGreggor by succession designated Lord of Albigan returned to Othala to take up his office and hereby relieve Lézan Lozère, the Marquis Borges and sovereign over central Albigan, who had been appointed steward of Albigan by Wallace’s father, Gavin McGreggor, the Earl of the united midlands, Queribus and Albigan, about nine years ago.

Sceptical about his abilities as well as the changes he might bring along for their homeland some of the Albigan leaders, who, as the majority of Othalans, generally disapprove of offworld influences, meet ‘the traveller’s’ return with reservation; despite his decent he hath become a ‘stranger’ and far more than a welcome back party the La Maléne tournament is an arena of assessment while political and military leaders of all marches, leaders of powerful houses themselves, their loyalty hence by no means self-evident, must become clear about their stance towards this man who after years of absence claimeth the title Lord of Albigan and the refusal of whom would bring about war between the loyal and the revolting houses.

Albigan Houses’ basic political stance

Marquis Gerona and the House of Melegant (eastern Albigan)
Sir Tristian, Duke of the five marches, and unquestioningly loyal to him, the whole House of Melegant and, most important, Albigan’s most powerful order of knights, the legion of the swan, supporteth the returning lord.
Though, responsible for the Albigan defence against the fierce eastern warriors over centuries, the swan knights hath some misgivings about the ior riders and are hence frowning at the Ovkhans’ presence as well as slightly anxious about the returning lord’s intentions House Melegant’s faith and loyalty towards the McGreggor stand unquestioned.

Marquis Thouars and the House of Lutrec (northern Albigan)
Sir Fauch as well as the other northern Albigan Counts stay pretty much indifferent (can change once a writer applieth for this role).

Marquis Belcaire and House of Lys (southern Albigan)
Sir Isin, leader of the business-minded House of Lys and his fellow nobles are trying to figure out what influences Wallace's return might have on their profits and will take their stance depending on likely monetary effects.

Marquis Sarthie and Duke Aragon of the House of Coursan (western Albigan)
The military strong leaders of the west, Mandagout Coursan and his brother Bazil Coursan, though naturally reserved in the beginning, receive Wallace’s return as basically positive -- interpreting the Ovkhan's presence as a step towards the old alliance they expect a strike against Teshwan what due to their position as the defenders of Albigan against the Cadarian west would boost their political importance.

Marquis Borges and the House of Lozére (central Albigan)
Hathing been entrusted with the administration of Albigan during Wallace’s youth and, more important, his absence, Lézan Lozére, the actual Marquis Borges, was now obliged tae hand the administrative powers back to Wallace McGreggor. Holding up the conviction a ruler must stay in touch with his people, Lézan's father doth not see the returning Lord fit for Albigan..
Standing amidst all the above factions, stirred up by his father's disapproval against the 'stranger' (the name 'Wallace' in fact meaneth stranger) and unwilling to bring undoing upon his son Gustave, Sir Lézan, the young Marquis Borges must assess the returning and weigh up his options.

The Clans of Queribus
The attenting Queribus meanwhile aren't too involved with the tension -- Wallace is a McGreggor, and Albigan is not their business -- the prevailing mood hence is slight interest, seasoned with the always present taunts towards the Albigan peacocks; Responded by the Albigans' snides against the 'uncivilized' and grumpy Clanners.

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