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Lord Albigan
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<b>AC 1019 The Tyragon Purge</b>

<b>Date:</b> Anno Cadaris 1019, Berkana’s idae
Teshwan (presumably)
McGreggor (unbeknownst to all other parties)</blockquote>

<b>Known</b> (widespread)
Unrest during the last decades? Hm, there was the Tyragon purge over in Galadan forest, Teshwan. Teshwan's Cadarian houses teamed up and erased the Tyragon after they, highly faithful Cadarian warriors themselves, had been accused of heresy. Clan Tyragon was eradicated, all warriors slain apart from a handful of refugees.

<b>Specific</b> (Tyragon refugees)
The Tyragon had gotten hold of a relic tha' shook their belief and met up for a council. Alas, somehow, someone.. spread the rumor of the Tyragon falling from their faith and possibly siding with the worst foe, the Berkanan, while really there had never been a clan more faithful to the Cadarian church than the proud Tyragon. It is said it worked in Lord Uriens favor they fell. Among the surviving Rojan Tyragon, the clan's leader and a former Tyragonian archer, now scoundrel, Rhuryn Megilwen as well as a few women –- one of them being Malantha Braeden Midori.

<b>Secret</b> (Alexander Houston, Gavin McGreggor and two ravens)
It was a conspiracy. It really were ravens (secret agents of the McGreggor) who had sown mistrust and jealousy, had stirred up the other Cadarian Clans against the Tyragon -- then had provided a relic for the faithful knights to stumble upon and while the faithful Tyragon gathered to prove and discuss the find the other Cadarian clans believed them to prepare an attack..

<blockquote><i>“Which houses were sending these secret agents?”
“The raven were sent by the Earl, Gavin McGreggor. Many things are controlled by these means.”
“He is a horrible man.”
“Well, he keepeth up the order and security around the midlands. The Tyragon were strong and convinced Cadarian warriors and they dwelled too close to our borders. The Tyragon regularly provided great parts of the Cadarian inquisition.”</i></blockquote>
<b>Linked biographies and Clan histories</b><blockquote>
Clan Tyragon
Clan Cadraque
Rhuryn Megilven
Alexander Houston</blockquote>

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